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The Hein Family and the Kohlschuetter-Syndrome

This Website is about a family affected by the "Kohlschuetter-Syndrome". The Kohlschuetter-Syndrome is a very seldom degenerative metabolism disease. Two of our three children are affected. You can find more informations about Kohlschuetter-Syndrome following the links on the left side.
If you or your children are also affected by KS, please don't hesitate to contact us. This homepage is made for you!
You'll find our email-address under contact. Please send us an email in german, english, french, italian or russian. Because we are Germans, we prefer to get german messages, but we do understand your mail in the other languages as well or we'll find someone to translate it for us.

This site develops permanently - just as we do - please visit again and look for the changes.




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